About us

Kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, wardrobes, living room furniture, bookcases, those are furniture we can make for you. They are all tailor-made. We acquire an individual approach to every project. The realisation is always professional, at the highest level of a carpenter’s craftsmanship. In every piece of furniture you can find traces of individuality and originality.

We are working with independent interior designers and that is why our furniture has various character and style. Everybody will find a style that will please him.

We make also furniture in limited edition, signed with our logo. Most of them have their own “mystery”. Some of them are inlaid and have interesting shape.

Carpentry has been in our life since 1981, but the history of crafts activity of Stedler family in Warsaw, Otwock and surrounding area, dates back to 1857.

This fact shows that carpentry has been in our blood for many many years. We constantly care about good image, honesty, perfectionism and we enjoy our clients’ trust - they come back to us (and their children as well).

A young team and experience acquired during the years, allow us to be creative and help us to fulfil our clients’ dreams quickly and efficiently. They can submit their ideas during the realization of the project.

Photos galleries you can find on our website present only a small part of our works and potential.

Some photos of our furniture, due to the copyright protection or our clients requests, has not appear on the website, but we can show them to you in our showroom.

We invite you to go through our galleries and familiarize with our offer. Then you should come to our showroom, where we could discuss all details of the project you would like to realize.

Respectfully to our former, current and future clients.