Information / Materials

Information / materials

Furniture designed by us or designers working with us are made of the highest quality materials.

Furniture fronts and bodies can be made of:

  • solid wood (15 models with 160 ways of staining),
  • domestic and exotic veneers, both natural and modified (180 species),
  • MDF varnished on both sides in semi-gloss or polished gloss (35 models of fronts in 3000 colours)
  • MDF foiled or acrylic (35 models in 37 colours)

In addition, our furniture can be embellished with various intarsia patterns (of many types of wood), ornaments (wooden and metal), pilasters, legs, galleries and diverse cornices. (See: unique furniture, English kitchen and classic kitchen).

Furniture countertops are made of wood, facing board, granite, Kerrock, conglomerates and post-forming of leading Polish, German and Italian producers.

Our furniture is equipped with accessories of only reputed companies, such as:

We are open to cooperation with interior designers, developers, manufacturers of household appliances and furniture accessories.